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Date : 2017 Saturday 26 Aug     |     Code : 119

Mr. Es’haghi, acting mayor of Tabriz municipality, met with Friday prayers' Imam of Tabriz

Congratulating Mr.Mohammad Hossein Es’haghi on his election as acting mayor of Tabriz municipality, Hojatoleslam Al-Hashem, the representative of supreme leader of Islamic revolution (Vilayat-e Faqih) and Friday Imam in East Azerbaijan reminded that serving people even for a day is appreciable and should be done with the great efforts.

In this meeting, Hojatoleslam Al-Hashim emphasized on eight management indicators in the province.

Pointing to the important features of serving people in the urban responsibility positions, he declared it is important to avoid entering political issues into the workplaces .

 “Consultation should be regarded as one of the significant characteristics of management and all the people at any position should consult to obtain the most qualified results”, he said.

He underscored fighting against corruption in the executive organs especially the municipality and people with the background of corruption should be kept way from such places.

Utilizing the city's religious capacities in “Tabriz 2018 “programs, he said: “Tabriz is the city of Altar martyrs, the sophisticated people and the first capital of the Shia world; hence, it is expected such cases are included in “Tabriz 2018” content .

In the meeting, Mr. Es’haghi, the acting mayor of the Tabriz Municipality, appreciated the recommendations of the representative of the supreme leader in the province and said: "In the current period, in order to serve people properly, we need your Excellency guidance.

He noted that majority of the municipality managers are persevered, active, and hard-working people   and are ready to serve the city and citizens at every hour of the day, but in most cases, they are oppressed .

"Thanking to the four-year efforts of Dr. Sadegh Najafi, former mayor of Tabriz, Mr. Es’haghi said:” Dr. Najafi has taken important and effective measures and strides in the recent years and we keep this way for the civil and prosperity of the city”.

He finally hoped his executive responsibilities meet with citizens' satisfaction until he delivers this position to the last permanent mayor of Tabriz .

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