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Implementation of five priority projects in” Tabriz 2018” civil programs: acting mayor of Tabriz

Pointing to the five priority projects of” Tabriz-2018 “civil programs, Mr. Es’haghi, acting mayor of Tabriz, stated that five projects including Maqbarat-o-shoara or  the tomb of Poets, Int’l conference center, tourism axes, Azerbaijan Square, and Jomhouri Eslami pavement are the priorities of Tabriz Municipality in the field of civil

Mohammad Hossein Es’haghi stated: "Given the limited time until “Tabriz2018” tourism period, Tabriz municipality concentrates on civil projects, related to ongoing major projects ”.

He recalled the revival of the tomb of poets as one of the major cultural and tourism infrastructures and added: "Over the past two years, about 15 billion Tomans have been spent by Tabriz municipality in the northern and southern phases of the project, and the southern side of the project is in the final stages of addition, he asked all the associated organs for their supports to complete this national and cultural project .

Mr. Es ‘haghi highlighted the role of the five axis of tourism in the city and pointed out that these five routes were designed to integrate the historical and cultural attractions of the city center focusing on the historical Bazaar of Tabriz and stated that important steps have been predicted in organizing the guidance elements, renewing the traffic signs, improving the routes .

He called Azerbaijan square project as the most important traffic project of the last two decades, adding that the overall modifications of the square will serve to facilitate traffic and strengthen social and cultural opportunities in the west of the city. Referring to injection of more than 60 billion Tomans in this project, he continued: Most of the civil operations of square consisting of a series of underpasses and overpasses are in the advanced stages, and other steps will be accelerated in the coming days .

Elsewhere in his remarks, he put emphasis on the major role of the Jomhouri Eslami pavement providing social, cultural and traffic development in the business center of the city and added that executive sections of this project have been proceeded and it is about to be put into operation in the near future .

He finally noted:” In the recent days, we have witnessed the opening of the Tabriz International Conference Center; the precious and beautiful project, which is the result of the municipality's efforts and understanding the cultural needs of the city and reiterated that the project will soon be completed and used at various national and international events and cultural programs .  

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