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Republic of Azerbaijan's media delegation visits Tabriz


The mission of the Azerbaijani delegation to Tabriz aims at developing cultural cooperation”: Dr. Mir Etemad Emadi, general manager of Public and International Relations of Tabriz Municipality, announced .

Dr. Emadi said: “The delegation which is comprised of a group of managers, journalists and photojournalists from Azerbaijani television channels and news agencies, visits Tabriz with the continuous following and coordination of International affairs of Tabriz municipality with the associated organs such as the office of foreign ministry in East Azerbaijan Province and two countries consulates in Tabriz and Baku .

Referring to the content and goals of the delegation's visit, he noted that  meeting Mr.Mohammad Hossein Es’haghi Eng., acting mayor of Tabriz municipality, Dr.Shakur Akbarnejad, president of the Islamic Council of Tabriz, visiting the historical and cultural places, preparing special tourism reports from” Tabriz 2018” programs, to name a few ,are such programs planned for the delegation .

Touching on the necessity of media cooperation between two sides, he stressed Unfortunately, despite the widespread cultural and social joints, cooperation between the parties, especially in the field of media opportunities is not eye-catching; hence, the meeting of media and cultural activists of both sides will be a turning point in consolidating the cultural relations of Tabriz and Republic of Azerbaijan .

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