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A report on the trip of Republic of Azerbaijan's media delegation to Tabriz (The first day)

A high-ranked 13-membered media delegation of Azerbaijan republic visited Tabriz and had some professional meetings with city administrators and authorities in their 3-day stay in Tabriz following is a short summary on the milestones of their trip to Tabriz :

The first day :

In the first meeting held in Tabriz municipality edifice, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Es’haghi, acting mayor of Tabriz, pointed to the common potentials between Tabriz and Azerbaijan media and declared that Tabriz and Baku are tourism capitals of Islamic countries in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Hence, media atmosphere of two countries should act as tourism and cultural ambassadors and interact with each other .

"Today, the most important social orientations are directed by the media and due to both countries joint religious, cultural and   geographical adjacency, the media of Tabriz and Azerbaijan must take steps to strengthen mutual interests and focus on citizens’ partnership with common goals”. Mr. Es’haghi said .

Pointing to the history of Tabriz as a main connecting factor between two countries, he reminded that in the recent years, presence of Azerbaijani citizens increased, providing mutual interactions in the urban management fields .

Referring to the integrated supports of Tabriz media and news agencies in pursuing the goals of “Tabriz 2018”, he said the media capacities of the Tabriz municipality cover social and civil development events in the city in different languages such as Azerbaijani and Turkish .

In this meeting, Tahir Rustamov, the head of the delegation and director of Khalq (State newspaper), expressed his gratitude to the hospitality of Tabriz municipality and reminded that Republic of Azerbaijan's mass media delegation has attended Tabriz and are decisive to meet city's managers to find solutions tackling obstacles in different sectors in both sides .

He also reiterated that Mohammad Hossein Shahriar‘s Heydar Babaya Salam poem is the most beautiful lyrics of people in Azerbaijan and also Tabriz municipality edifice is beautifying theme of many of our country's books. Therefore, these attributes reflect the particular status and popularity of Tabriz in our country .

In another section of his remarks, he recalled “Tabriz 2018” as a common honor for Tabriz and Azerbaijan and on behalf of his delegation promised to do his best for this event .

Dr. Shakur Akbarnejad, the president of Islamic council of Tabriz city met the media delegation and stressed on the continuous relationships between two countries media .

Elsewhere he said: "Given the historical, cultural and political role of Tabriz, this city is an ideal axis for the development of relations between two countries .

Afterward, Saeed Nikookheslat, a member of the cultural and social committee of the Islamic Council of Tabriz, said: "Tabriz and Baku, as two friends and brothers, can play an effective role in the development of cultural interactions .

"In the recent years, the progress of science and sports in Azerbaijan Republic and Baku is outstanding and admirable “, he stated .

He noted that due to the same language and common interests of two countries, mass media can play a decisive role in introducing tourism capabilities. "The city council of Tabriz advocates any measures in this regard,” he also said .

Later on, the delegation visited the Sa’at tower, Tabriz roofed bazaar, Heydarzadeh House and Azerbaijan Museum, and in the afternoon they attended at the Tabriz Night Poetry Hall, located in the municipality building .

Visiting Heydarzadeh House, Mr. Morteza Abdar, general Manager of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of East Azerbaijan referred to the cultural commonality between Tabriz and the Republic of Azerbaijan and described “Tabriz 2018” as a valuable opportunity to deepen cultural interactions in both countries .

 Considering the significant progress made by Azerbaijani tourism in the recent years, mass media can play an important role in introducing and publicizing Tabriz in 2018, and given that in 2019, Baku is the capital of tourism of the Islamic countries, Tabriz and Provincial media can also introduce and promote this event”, he declared .

He also added that the rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions and diverse handicrafts of Tabriz and the province can be introduced more widely through Azerbaijani media to attract Azerbaijani tourists and guide other tourists to visit Tabriz ”.

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