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A report on the trip of Republic of Azerbaijan's media delegation to Tabriz (The second day)

A high-ranked 13-membered media delegation of Azerbaijan republic visited Tabriz and had some professional meetings with city administrators and authorities in their 3-day stay in Tabriz following is a short summary on the milestones of their trip to Tabriz :

The second day :

In another separate meeting with the representative of supreme leader of Islamic revolution (Vilayat-e Faqih) and Friday Imam in East Azerbaijan, Hojat-ol-eslam Al-Hashem stated that keeping unity and solidarity between two friend and neighboring countries along with the vigilance of two sides’ mass media considering the common culture and civilization  may deepen bilateral relations .

Hojat-ol-eslam Al-Hashem also reminded that some countries aim at making mischief and spreading sedition between two countries. hence, we ask Republic of Azerbaijan to be aware of the enemies' conspiracies .

"Israel is the red line of Muslim countries, and we request the Republic of Azerbaijan not to take any measures to establish relations with Israel," He said .

The Friday Imam of Tabriz continued there are whispers about the establishment of the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Israel, which should not be welcomed by the Republic of Azerbaijan .

 Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are based on mutual trust and confidence, based on which the two countries are taking concrete steps to implement joint economic projects,” he said .

After this meeting, Azerbaijani journalists and photographers met with the board of directors of the East Azerbaijan Press House .

At the beginning of the visit, Mr. Ali Pirouzmanesh, Deputy Manager of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the province expressed satisfaction with the presence of the Azerbaijani media delegation in Tabriz and said that due to historical, cultural, religious and linguistic commons, media relations between two countries, especially Tabriz and Baku, are very considerable and associated moves should be regarded in this way .

Referring to the activities of the press house of the East Azerbaijan, he also noted that as Tabriz hosted the Azerbaijani media delegation under the pretext of “Tabriz 2018”, we would like to dispatch a delegation from the provincial press office to promote interactions considering “Baku 2019” event .

The afternoon of the second day of trip ended with the visit with Dr. Mohammad Reza Somi, the head of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. During this visit, while congratulating Eid al-Adha to the Azerbaijani journalists, Dr. Somi referred to the history of medicine in East Azerbaijan and talked about the medical and therapeutic capabilities of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences .

Expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences with the universities of Azerbaijan, Baku and Nakhchivan, he extended his hope for increasing bilateral medicine cooperation between the universities of two countries .

At the end of the second day of the media delegation in Tabriz, they visited Eynali Mountain and took photos of Tabriz Residential Accommodation Center .

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