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A report on the trip of Republic of Azerbaijan's media delegation to Tabriz (The 3rd day)

A high-ranked 13-membered media delegation of Azerbaijan republic visited Tabriz and had some professional meetings with city administrators and authorities in their 3-day stay in Tabriz following is a short summary on the milestones of their trip to Tabriz :

The 3rd day :

Third day :

The last day of the Baku media delegation's visit to Tabriz was completed by holding friendly and intimate meetings with the president of Tabriz University and the cultural and social deputy of the Tabriz Municipality .

In the beginning, Dr. Pourmohammadi, the president of Tabriz University, welcomed the attendance of the journalists in Tabriz while highlighting Tabriz University as one of the leading and pioneering universities in the field of science and research in Iran .

He continued that Tabriz University is the second largest university in the country, and is ready to cooperate with the universities of Azerbaijan in terms of scientific and research issues .

In another meeting held in Khataee House, Dr. Hamidi, the deputy of the cultural and social affairs of the Tabriz Municipality, indicated the attendance of media activists is as a turning point in consolidating the relations between Tabriz and the Republic of Azerbaijan, while   expressing his gratification with the presence of the Azerbaijani media group in the city of Tabriz at the threshold of ''Tabriz 2018

Dr. Hamidi also stated that Tabriz and Baku media should introduce and promote this event to attract tourists and meet the tourism goals of the Islamic countries .

He also unveiled the promising news of holding Tabriz Cultural Week in Baku and Ganja in the near future and added Tabriz's introduction is one of our expectations of the Azerbaijani news community in Tabriz .

It should be noted that 13 journalists and photographers, elected by the state and private media of the Republic of Azerbaijan, visited Tabriz historical monuments and tried to introduce them with the aim of strengthening media communications between Tabriz and Baku .

The journalists and news activists from Khalq (state newspaper), Azarataj, Inter Az, Oloke Az, Ma'edeh  Az, Islamin Sesi, News Facts, Azouzin and Apa were among the attendees.

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