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Date : 2017 Sunday 10 Sep     |     Code : 128

Reflection of the three-day trip of the Republic of Azerbaijan's media delegation in Tabriz

Tabriz became the headline of Baku's newspapers, sites and social networks thanks to attendance of Baku media in Tabriz .

During the three-day trip, hosted by Tabriz municipality, Baku media activists met a number of provincial and urban officials and authorities and visited Tabriz's historical and cultural sites and places. On their back to home, they reflected the widespread progress of the city of Tabriz and started introducing its cultural and historical monuments and relics in their sites and channels

At the threshold of “Tabriz 2018” event, the goal of Tabriz Municipality is to host the media groups of different countries in order to introduce Tabriz's spectacular attractions, buildings and historical places which can play a major role in attracting tourists .

In addition to promoting the city in Azerbaijan Republic, Tabriz also came up with constructive suggestions of foreign journalists, such as providing elements and on sale symbols of celebrities and city buildings in historical centers which can be beneficent for the city shopkeepers on the event of “Tabriz 2018 ”.

It is worth mentioning that 13 journalists and photographers, elected by the state and private media of the Republic of Azerbaijan, visited Tabriz historical monuments and tried to introduce them with the aim of strengthening media communications between Tabriz and Baku .

The journalists and news activists from Khalq (state newspaper), Azarataj, Inter Az, Oloke Az, Ma'edeh Az, Islamin Sesi, News Facts, Azouzin and Apa were among the attendees .

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