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Iran-Azerbaijan visa to be removed in 2 years/Tabriz –Kazan and Tabriz Moscow flights to be initiated in 2018: Dr. Babaee Ragheb

The head of foreign affair ministry office in East Azerbaijan, Dr. Esmaeel Babaee Ragheb explained the main measurements of the office and added that based on the promise of respected ambassador of Azerbaijan republic in Iran, Iranians will not need visa to travel to Azerbaijan in 2 years

Referring to the recently- communicated notice of the new government of Iran on the economic policies, Dr. Babaee emphasized on attracting the foreign investors, particularly in technology and science-based sectors. In this regard, over 200 foreign delegations have entered Tabriz during last 4 years .

Highlighting the fruitful role of Tabriz 2018 in the shining future of Tabriz, Dr. Babaee asked for constructive synergy among associated sectors and underscored the undeniable of all citizens in holding such a glorious event. He also considered the current tourism infrastructures of the city in real need of improvement .

The head of office of foreign affairs ministry in East Azerbaijan province added that the office along with city administration tries to initiate the Tabriz- Kazan and Tabriz – Moscow flights in near future .

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