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Date : 2017 Tuesday 12 Sep     |     Code : 130

Tabriz municipality hosts International Karate Championships

Mr. Es’haghi, acting mayor of Tabriz Municipality announced that the International Karate Championships in commemoration of Islamic Resistance Group (Modafeane Haram) will be held with the participation of nine Islamic countries from 14-15 September in Tabriz

Karate International cup will be hosted by municipality of Tabriz, with the participation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Karate Province committee and the Karate Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the cooperation of Tabriz Municipality Sports Organization”, He stated .

Mr. Es’haghi pointed out that in addition to the attendance of 15 teams from different provinces in our country, Karateka from Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon participate in this tournament .

Finally, he declared that hosting international sports competitions, inviting teams and athletes from Islamic countries to Tabriz, are among goals of “Tabriz 018” event considered by Tabriz municipality

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