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Tourism investment facilitated in Tabriz: acting mayor of Tabriz municipality

Regarding “Tabriz 2018” valuable social and cultural opportunities, Mr. Es’hagi, acting mayor of Tabriz municipality, said: “tourism investment grounds are prepared in the city of Tabriz.

Live on a national TV program titled "Turquoise Night" (Shabe –e –Firouzei), Mohammad Hossein. Es’haghi said: "Strengthening tourism infrastructures have been considered among the main programs of Tabriz municipality in the recent years; hence, this approach has led to the creation of investment opportunities and attraction of tourism ideas.

He added that the municipality of Tabriz, providing investment incentives, aims at turning “Tabriz 2018 “ into a platform for the development of the city's tourism; for instance, eight hotels are currently on operation under the auspices of the Tabriz Municipality.

Pointing that citizens of Tabriz are the major hosts of "Tabriz 2018" event, He further said: "The cleanliness and beauty of the city are indebted to the participation and accountability of the citizens, the people of Tabriz are always well-known for hard- working and prejudice and support Tabriz Municipality urban development programs.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mr. Es’haghi noted: "Culture and art are the main features of the people of Tabriz in different historical periods.

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