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Date : 2018 Monday 01 Jan     |     Code : 229

Communicational & environmental capacities utilized in the introduction of "Tabriz 2018"

The coordination meeting on the communicational & environmental capacities of transit navigation was held with the contribution of general office of public & international relations of Tabriz municipality.

With the presence of representative of governor general of east Azerbaijan, he general manager of public & international relations of Tabriz municipality, manger general of transportation and terminals of east Azerbaijan and some managers of transportation sector, Shaheb-al-din Bimeghdar, the representative of Tabriz in Islamic Consultative Assembly declared that each of executive organs can play a key role in tourism programs of "Tabriz 2018". He added that the communicational and commercial capabilities of road and transit transportation can contribute to the effective promotion of "Tabriz 2018".

Manochehr Salmanzadeh, the manger general of road maintenance and transport of East Azerbaijan province, underscored the fact that the province is among the top five provinces of the country in road transportation and stated that 257 transportation companies and 110 travel agencies are active in the province, which can support the programs predicted to advertise the tourism potentials of the region.

Ali Asghar Almoosavi, the representative of both governor general and the mayor in "2018 headquarter" pinpointed that the magnificent event of " Tabriz 2018" is not associated with only one particular organization and said that all executive organs should play their best roles in this regard.

Appreciating the attention of all members to advertisement and information aspects of "Tabriz 2018", Mir Etemad Emadi, the manger general of Public & international relations of Tabriz municipality, said the municipality has endeavored to introduce various potentials of the city via designing and distributing ads, items, clips, books and brochures and will stride to take all necessary measurements to fulfill the goals of "Tabriz 2018".


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