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Date : 2018 Tuesday 02 Jan     |     Code : 231

Now, Tabriz is the tourism capital of Islamic countries

After two years of waiting and endless efforts of both city administration and citizens, the splendid event of "Tabriz 2018" just started simultaneous with the arrival of the year 2018.

It was almost 2 years ago when Tabriz was selected as the tourism capital of Islamic countries by OIC. Within these over 2 years, anybody caring about the name of Tabriz did their best to prepare the city to host domestic and international tourists.

Indeed, the title of "tourism capital" is not a goal, but a starting point, for Tabriz so as to develop its tourism infrastructure and educate citizens on the importance of tourism, finally aiming at meeting the demands and satisfaction of all visitors, tourists and travelers.

But, rarely can we find a city reaching to its ideals without the participation of the citizens.

Tabriz 2018 is a key starting point for all of us, the residents of this beautiful city, to comprehend the gravity of tourism and try to introduce our city to the world.

Some years ago, there was no sign of Tabriz and its beauties in virtual world. However, thanks to introduction of Tabriz as "the tourism capital of Islamic countries", it is one of the most frequently-used names in all virtual and traditional Medias. Undoubtedly, it is one of the advantageous of "Tabriz 2018".

With the unanimous votes of the member countries of OIC in 2015, Tabriz has been entitled to start a big event, putting a torrent of citizenship responsibilities on the shoulder of Tabriz citizens to contribute to this unique event and try to promote the name of this ancient glorious city to the globe, either by sharing a simple photo of the city or by displaying a masterpiece of their artistic works.





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