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Date : 2018 Tuesday 02 Jan     |     Code : 232

“Glorious Tabriz becomes the most important tourist destination in the country”: Tabriz mayor

The 8th “Ideal City” Conference, focusing on urban management and scientific participation of the country’s municipalities as the largest urban management event was held within two days at the International Kish Conference Center.

Referring to the proper horizons and the acquisition of tourism parameters, making Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries, the mayor of Tabriz said: "Tabriz with brilliant history, historical places and tourism attractions, such as the biggest roofed bazaar, which has been registered as the world's largest brick-made bazaar, can play the major role in the tourism industry of the country with the magnificent event of “Tabriz 2018”.

 In another part of his speech, Shahin Baher talked on the management of crisis and civil defenses in the cities, and called for the associated organs ‘more attention confronting with natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

With the attendance of 800 urban officials and experts, two lecturers presented the results of superior domestic and foreign experience in this area and then, mayors and council presidents shared their points of views on the topics.

In order to increase the capacities of this event and collaborate among activists, specialized forums including brainstorming meeting of the executive general managers addressing the problems and obstacles facing the municipalities with relevant organizations, the meeting of the managing directors of waste organizations across the country, green space and cityscape committee, to name a few, were held within the pre-planned schedules.

This conference was an opportunity for researchers and experts in the field of urban management to present the appropriate ways making an ideal city to the mayors and members of the councils and the urban management working groups.

Tourism, crisis management, integrated urban management, green space, waste, and smart city were the most important issues of the “Ideal city” conference.

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