2019 January
Date : 2018 Saturday 06 Jan     |     Code : 235

Sisterhood contract between Tabriz and khujand, one of the best examples of intimacy between two cities

Nematullo Emomzoda, Ambassador of Tajikistan, met with the mayor of Tabriz and the head of Islamic council of Tabriz and stated that Iran has long been known to Tajiks by the name of Kamal Khojandi, a poet of the eighth century AH, and Tabriz is a valuable city for Tajikistan considering cultural and historical perspectives. 

“Tabriz, the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018, is a great opportunity to strenghen cultural and tourism ties and we hope to cooperate holding this event.  ," he said

Saying that in the year 2018, Tajikistan has been named by the leader of the nation as "the year of tourism and popular arts," Ambassador of Tajikistan said Tabriz, one of the most important cities in terms of customs, traditions and cultural and tourism fields, is one of the significant cities for Tajikistan in 2018. 

Emomzoda elsewhere highlighted that the presence of Tajik students at Tabriz's universities is an important scientific and social capacity which can be expanded with the continuation of cooperation .

The mayor of Tabriz presented the bill to the Tabriz Municipality's historic mansion and Tabriz's book to the Ambassadors of the three Tajik, Bosnian and Herzegovina and Indonesia countries .

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