2018 October
Date : 2018 Saturday 06 Jan     |     Code : 237

"Tabriz 2018" can attract Indonesians to Tabriz

In a meeting with the mayor of Tabriz and the president of Tabriz city council, Octavino Alimudin, the ambassador of Indonesia stated that his fellow citizens know Tabriz with its art, particularly carpet, and sweets.

The ambassador considered the strong interactions of Tabriz with numerous foreign cities as a sign of Tabriz importance in global arenas and asked for more connection of Tabriz with Indonesian cities, through sisterhood ad friendly cooperation contracts.

In another parts of his remarks, Octavino Alimudin appraised the hospitality and kindness of Tabriz citizens. "Surely, the realization of the aims of "Tabriz 2018" can lead to more attendance of Indonesians in Tabriz in near future", he added.

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