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Date : 2018 Friday 05 Jan     |     Code : 238

Tabriz mayor meets with the spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs

In a meeting with Dr. Bahram Ghasemi,  the Foreign Ministry spokesman and head of department of   public diplomacy and media of foreign affairs ministry ,   Iraj Shahin Baher,Eng., mayor of Tabriz stated: “Tabriz, with the supports and follow ups of the minister of foreign affairs and the approval of the tourism ministers of Organization of  Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) , at the Niger Summit in 2015, has  been selected as "the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018"; this selection is a turning point in the country's tourism, and its prospect needs urgent supports of foreign   ministry “.

Shahin Baher later stated that “Tabriz 2018" has created a promising atmosphere  in the city, and the officials and representatives of Tabriz and East Azarbaijan in Islamic consultative assembly  have made their  efforts to fulfill the programs  without considering administrative habits and ceremonial measures.

Despite the plenty of various obstacles of the country municipalities, Tabriz municipality as the executive organ in different grounds of infrastructure, social and cultural particularly urban diplomacy has taken different programs from the first days of “Tabriz 2018 “event.

Pointing to the presence of seven consulates in the past in Tabriz, Shahin baher said that at the present, only two active consulates are in Tabriz and this number is not in line with the history of Tabriz foreign relations. Hence, we expect the Foreign Ministry provide different consulates in Tabriz city at the opportunity of “Tabriz 2018”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, while referring to the activation of direct flights to Hamburg, Istanbul and Dubai as well as given the possibility of issuing a digital visa at Tabriz International Airport, mayor asked for foreign ministry’s more cooperation to operate new flight lines.

 “Tabriz tourism potentials and cultural and artistic capacities may play the major role in cultural programs of foreign ministry”, mayor said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi, on his part, said: "Tabriz has a prominent place in the history of our country and is one of the leading areas in the country's cultural, social and political issues.

The head of Department of Public Diplomacy and Media declared that field assessment and evaluation of the role of foreign ministry in the executive committee of “Tabriz 2018” were among his aims visiting Tabriz and continued that the capacities of the ministry of foreign affairs and embassies of our country can serve the tourism project of "Tabriz 2018" to hold this event with more optimum level.

He later added “Tabriz 2018” flourishment requires national supports to introduce Tabriz in the region and world.

Referring to foreign ministry’s support of “Tabriz 2018” approaches, spokesman said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is active in exhibitions and authentic events of the world, and is ready to work with the groups of tourism and embassies introducing Tabriz tourism capacities, and its cultural and artistic capabilities. 


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