2019 January
Date : 2018 Saturday 13 Jan     |     Code : 240

Tabriz, Iran's first "tourism city" in the realization of non-oil economy: head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Written as a note  in Iran’s national  Newspaper (Iran Newspaper), Ali Asghar Mounesan, deputy President of Iran and head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism called Tabriz as ever “City of Firsts” and declared :”Tabriz added another First to his history and was honored to obtain  the title of “Iran's first "tourism city" in the realization of non-oil economy” .

The summary of note is as follows:

Economy as the keyword whose development is related to the tourism and what draws the attention of tourism experts is the existence of numerous potentials of this industry for the economic development.

Today, in a world where the expansion of services as a leading and key element plays the major role, creating an economic leap. Indeed, oil wells are replaced with much more cheaper, lucrative and sustainable paths such as historical and natural attractions.

The existence of numerous, countless and unique historical and natural attractions has created the opportunity for the land relying on such belongings, to provide a way to develop and make a leap in the economic arenas. The issues mentioned above as well as the creation of a bilateral relationship between economy and tourism in a city characterized by the dynamism of the economy and the great history, are some special delicacies needed to be paid more attention. It is talk of Tabriz, a city whose historic greatness and widespread economic effects have been intertwined throughout the history like warp and weft of the picturesque carpet. A case in point is Tabriz oldest roofed bazaar.

Selection of Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018 can open a new window through which Tabriz may be revived as the tourism, economic excellence hub of the region. Consequently, it is hoped the world brick-made bazaar of this beautiful city may restore its deserved position and each brick of bazaar will act as the driving force of economic motor of the city.


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