2018 November
Date : 2018 Saturday 27 Jan     |     Code : 256

Tourism ministers of Islamic countries ready to attend “Tabriz 2018”: cultural heritage deputy

Paying a visit at “Tabriz 2018” pavilion in the 11th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, Saeid O’hadi, Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization's deputy for investment and planning, stated that in a meeting with the president of World Tourism Organization held in Oman, Tourism ministers of Islamic countries expressed their readiness to attend in “Tabriz 2018” event upon which Tabriz is the tourism capital of Islamic countries. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, O’hadi highlighted that the splendid event of “Tabriz 2018” is for the whole country and is not confided in Tabriz .Hence, investment deputy makes its great efforts to support Tabriz hotel industry investors and activists of tourism field.

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