2019 March
Date : 2018 Monday 12 Mar     |     Code : 281

Official inauguration of “Tabriz 2018” with the attendance of president and tourism ministers of 35 Islamic countries: Representative of Foreign Affairs ministry in the Province

Esmaeil Babaei Ragheb, representative of foreign affairs ministry in the East Azerbaijan Province, said the opening ceremony of “Tabriz 2018” will be held by the presence of Iranian president and tourism ministers from more than 35 Islamic countries.

Esmaeil Babaei Ragheb said: "A major international event named “Tabriz 2018” has been given by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).This event can be considered as a splendid and historic one for Tabriz and The Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he stated: “Thanks to the precious background of Tabriz in various historical, tourism and political fields, all the organs should utilize this opportunity to introduce Tabriz to the other people”.

“According to the promises of the president foreign ministry coordination and national approvals in Tehran, all the conventions, festivals and events either national or international are to be held in Tabriz in place of Tehran, “he said. 

He later continued that official opening ceremony of “Tabriz 2018”, with the attendance of the present of Iran, ambassadors and officials of neighboring countries, is to be held in a day on 25 April

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