2019 March
Date : 2018 Wednesday 11 Apr     |     Code : 286

National headquarter of “Tabriz 2018” emphasizes on encouraging travel packages

With the presence of representatives of the responsible bodies including the ministry of foreign affairs, cultural deputy, general manager of communications and International affairs, the tourism director of Tabriz Municipality and the special representative of the governor,  the last meeting of  national headquarter of “Tabriz 2018”  was hosted by the tourism deputy of the Cultural Heritage Organization in Tehran.

In this meeting, the members emphasized on the broad travel incentives and plans for the magnificent national event of “Tabriz 2018” and approved a number of ratifications such as 50% discount for hotels, discounts on shopping bags and shoes, carpets and souvenirs from 21 Apr to 15 May, as well as the free provision of museums for three days.

Based on the pre-planned schedule, with the opening ceremony of “Tabriz 2018”, Tabriz metropolis hosts artistic groups and tribes from different provinces throughout the country within four days such measurement definitely provide the foreign visitors to be acquainted with the tourism potentials of Tabriz.

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