2019 March
Date : 2018 Sunday 06 May     |     Code : 293

“Kazan Park “named after one of the new-established parks of Tabriz

Following the articles of sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Kazan, the municipal administrators of two cities were committed to name one of the suitable parks of their cities after the name of the other city.

“In the recent meeting of naming and numbering council of Tabriz metropolitan municipality, upon the mutual contract,  the new-constructed park, one of the gardens of municipality zone 2, located on Golgasht street, was approved and titled  as  ”Kazan Park”, Saeid Hajizadeh, general manager of Communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality said.

It should be noted the plan and technical information of the park will be submitted to you ASAP.

Previously, In this regard, Kazan municipality has just put the name of "Tabriz" on one of the newly-established parks of Kazan. Tabriz Park of Kazan is situated on the junction of Vosstanaia and Dekabristov Streets.

Kazan is one of the most important sister cities of Tabriz, hosting numerous cultural events related to Tabriz municipality. Accordingly, Tabriz has hosted Kazan programs several times as well.

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