2019 August
Date : 2018 Monday 02 Jul     |     Code : 301

Tabriz hosts simultaneous chess championship

In line with the other pre-planned preparations provided for “Tabriz 2018” int’l event, Sports Organization of
Tabriz Municipality aims at holding simultaneous chess championship in Tabriz Elgoli Promenade Park on July 2, 2018.
In this regard, Dr. Alireza Rahimi, directing manager of Tabriz Municipality Sports Organization said: "In this unparalleled chess competition, 2018 different volunteers from Tabriz and non-Tabrizi will compete simultaneously with 10 major chess masters of the world."
Later in his remarks, Dr.Rahimi stated that due to the great reception of constantans, 50 participants of the tournament are above 60 years old demonstrating widespread expansion of public sports in the city.
Finally, he reiterated that Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov, Russian chess grandmaster and former world champion, will start the contest.


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