2019 August
Date : 2018 Saturday 07 Jul     |     Code : 302

Tabriz municipality hosts a group of investors

Attending in Tabriz municipality edifice, a group of investors from countries of Italy, china and Kyrgyzstan in various fields such as mass construction, smart cities, entertainment parks, light rails, high speed buses and tourism met with Dr. Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, and members of Islamic council of Tabriz city.
In this joint meeting, emphasizing on significant role of investment in the urban management, Dr. Shahin Baher stated that the two parties can boost bilateral interactions in different required arenas.
Referring to the restrictions and sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, mayor said that the current status of the country has created great opportunity for the private sectors to engage foreign investors to invest and profit”.
Later in his remarks, Shahin Baher while expressing his gratitude to the Islamic Consultative Assembly and local parliament of Tabriz metropolis for their great supports in facilitating conditions for  attracting foreign investment reiterated that due to the proper and optimal potentials and platforms, Tabriz is the paradise of investment in Iran.
During the meeting, a number of Islamic council of Tabriz city members talked on the facilities provided for the foreign investors and declared that Tabriz is ready to obtain the other countries experiences to accelerate the projects’  inauguration and implementation.
 Representatives of foreign investment companies, on their parts, thanking the great hospitality of Tabriz mayor declared their readiness to invest in Tabriz civil projects in plenty of their companies’ expertise.
Visiting Tabriz urban railway, civil projects of Tabriz municipality and holding specialized panels in the related organs were among the other programs scheduled for this group during their stay in Tabriz.
At the end of the mutual negotiations, both sides signed MOU to work on the details of the plans and start putting them into effect.


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