2019 August
Date : 2018 Wednesday 11 Jul     |     Code : 304

Tabriz is to join the league of historical cities

Under the auspices and pursuance of technical and civil deputy of Tabriz municipality, Tabriz is to be a member of the league of historical cities (LHC).
Through holding numerous meetings and technical panels with the experts and chairperson of LHC, technical and civil deputy of Tabriz municipality paved the way and introduced Tabriz precious potentials in the global arenas.
“Located in the Silk Road, bearing significant role  in plenty of economic, social ,cultural and scientific transactions and its globally registered  roofed Bazaar as a world heritage , Tabriz has gained the prestigious image in international fields,” Mohammad Hossein Es'haghi, stated.
Considering the selection of Tabriz as the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018 and benefiting its advantages, membership of Tabriz in LHC can introduce the history of Tabriz to the world.
It should also be noted that the 16th  World Conference of Historical Cities titled” The impact of globalization on culture and way of living” will be held from September 7(Fri) to 9(Sun), 2018 in Bursa, Turkey.
The League of Historical Cities (LHC) was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1987. It holds a biennial world conference and provides cities from different cultures with a platform for bilateral cooperation and mutual learning. The League also acts as a think tank for bilateral cooperation and best practices. It aims to strengthen affiliations between historic cities to exchange knowledge and experience and ultimately, world peace by deepening mutual understanding and building on the common foundation of historical cities to strengthen affiliations between cities.
As of March 24, 2014, The League is composed of 102 members from 61 countries and regions of five continents. It is in partnership with the United Nations Human Settlements ProgrammeInternational Council on Monuments and Sites and the Organization of World Heritage Cities.

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