2019 October
Date : 2018 Tuesday 17 Jul     |     Code : 306

Nano Cemtech enterprise holds a joint meeting with city council

In the meeting with the presence of the head of the city council and technical and civil deputy of Tabriz municipality, the status of the asphalt of Tabriz and its improvement solutions were examined.
Shakour Akbarnejad, chairman of Tabriz city council, referred to the asphalt situation in the city of Tabriz, as saying that the issue of asphalt is one of the most prominent problems which should be investigated precisely. “Consequently, following a meeting with Nano Cemtech Corporation in few month ago and their comments and suggestions on the quality of the asphalt, we decided to pursue technical meetings with our experts”,he said.
During the meeting, Mohammad Hossein Es’haghi, technical and civil deputy while stating that the main problems of Tabriz are seen in the most commuted and trafficked routes declared the formula of asphalt should be standard and based on the city climate. Hence,” due to the tolerate temperature of Tabriz, we request the German specialists to recommend solutions to have durable asphalt,” he reiterated.
Responding to the posed issues, Stefan Hagman, directing manager of Nano Cemtech enterprise, referred to the optimum methods and underscored that such ways include cold and hot asphalt method and the use of asphalt additives
Later in his remarks, he gave tips on the strength of asphalt using additives to the asphalt pavements.
It’s worth notifying that the chairman of the commission on sustainable development and environment of the Tabriz City Council, directing manager of the civil organization, managing director of the technical and development department of the Municipality of Tabriz, Senior Advisor of the managing director of the refinery and secretary of the consortium of Industry and Energy as well as representatives of Turkish and German asphalt specialists attended in this meeting.


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