2019 August
Date : 2018 Monday 27 Aug     |     Code : 308

Erzurum governor meets Tabriz mayor

Meeting with Seyfettin Azizoğlu, Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, pointing to the sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Erzurum, stated that both cities capacities and potentials in plenty of fields such as tourism, modern technologies transferring should be highly taken into consideration.
Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher also asked for enhancing bilateral cooperation in various grounds such as tourism.
Expressing that Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the field of tourism; the mayor continued that Tabriz, selected as the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018, enjoying history of forty-five years has taken valuable steps and is striding in tourism. In this regard, we hope to benefit from potential and experience of Turkey particularly Erzurum province in attracting more tourists.
Later in his remarks, Dr. Shahin Baher referred to both sides linguistic and religious commonalities and asked for fulfilling our talks and putting them into effect. 
Seyfettin Azizoğlu, governor of Erzurum, on his part, reiterated that air and rail communications between Tabriz and Erzurum should be developed, and both cities can benefit from the potential of tourism as well as industry."
 “During our stay and visit in Tabriz metropolis, we have taken notes and hope to operate them “, he said.

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