2019 August
Date : 2018 Monday 08 Oct     |     Code : 313

Consul General of Turkey holds his farewell meeting with the mayor of Tabriz

Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp, the Turkish Consul General in Tabriz, while meeting Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, on the last days of his mission in this metropolis, stated that he would keep all the fond memories of the ancient glorious city of Tabriz.
Touching on the gravity of measures and actions taken particularly in the tourism development by Turkish Consulate General in Tabriz as well as the close relationships between two cities businessmen, Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp expressed his appreciation to the great efforts of mayor of Tabriz in this regard.
Later in his remarks, he pointed to the Turkey’s readiness to transfer its experiences in the revival of the worn-out textures in Tabriz metropolis via inking MOU.
Dr. Shahin Baher, on his part, conveying his gratitude to the strides and performance of Turkish Consul General in Tabriz stated that Çağlar Fahri’s great efforts during his mission are undeniable.
He went on to say that Tabriz Municipality is serious about restoring the worn out texture. "We hope to share Turkey's experiences in Istanbul and Ankara in this area’’, mayor said.


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