2018 November
Date : 2018 Sunday 21 Oct     |     Code : 314

Tabriz municipality serves in Arba'een Pilgrimage

In parallel with the other groups and organizations in offering services to Arba’een pilgrims in holy city of Karbala, Tabriz municipality has recently been contributing in various fields via Jannat-ol -Hosein Mokab of Tabriz municipality.
Appreciating great efforts of serving pilgrims and reflecting all major and minor occurrences of Arba’een to the world, Tabriz municipality seeks for more participation in Karbala.
Touching on the gravity of Arba'een event, Karbala as the capital of Shia world and also the sisterhood contract between two cities, the matchless gathering of Shia Muslims is a good opportunity for Tabriz municipality to introduce Tabriz, the tourism capital of Islamic countries to the huge number of Muslims via distributing cultural and tourist products among the pilgrims.


رضا عالش‌زاده
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