2020 January
Date : 2018 Wednesday 31 Oct     |     Code : 317

Arba’een pilgrims welcomed cultural programs of Jannat-ol -Hosein Mokab of Tabriz municipality: Saeid Hajizadeh

Saeid Hajizadeh, general manager of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality while taking part in the spiritual rituals of Arba’een in Karbala, reiterated that on the occasion of Arba’een pilgrimage, head office of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality prioritized plenty of various cultural programs among its activities, and they were welcomed eagerly by the pilgrims.
Pointing to the some sections of significant advertising measures of communications and Int’l affairs of Tabriz municipality, he stated that this year for the first time, the trilingual handbook, namely, ” Hello Pilgrims” , including Ziarat-e-Arbaeen, Ziarat locations of Iraq, First-Aid advice ,as well as introducing tourism attractions of Tabriz was designed, published and distributed among pilgrims in Karbala.
Later in his remarks, Hajizadeh also announced on holding the competition” the heartfelt narrative of a pilgrimage and underscored that respected pilgrims can participate in this competition via sending a related photo, memory, poem or verse to the address: 1st floor, head office of communications and International affairs , Tabriz municipality, Aboreihan Sq., Azadi Ave., Tabriz., Iran or Email: “The best submitted works are to be awarded on behalf of the mayor of Tabriz,” he finally said.

رضا عالش‌زاده