2020 January
Date : 2018 Monday 10 Dec     |     Code : 320

Tabriz mayor meets Turkish Consul General

During the meeting with Hüseyin Güngör, the newly assigned Turkish Consul General in Iran’s northwestern city of Tabriz, Dr. Iraj Shahin Baher, mayor of Tabriz, while pointing to the cultural commonalities of Iran and Turkey, stated that such mutual understanding and proximity of language and customs between Tabriz and Turkey are more than other parts of the country. 
He appreciated the performance of the ex- Turkish consul general in Tabriz, saying that the municipality of Tabriz convened numerous meetings for expansion of relations, and we hope that our cooperation and exchanges in various fields will continue in during newly appointed consul incumbency.
Hüseyin Güngör, on his part, reiterated that two neighbor countries must be beside each other in any circumstances and this is the most important sign of their friendship
“The relations between the  two nations is as important as that of governments. One of the ways to connect nations is tourism and we are ready to launch different collaborative projects in this field with Iran,” he added.
Urging both countries to promote economic, cultural, and social cooperation, he added, “Despite the issues in the past 40 years, the two countries still have deep and strong relations.”
“During my incumbency, I will make my great efforts to pave the way for the investors and tackle over the obstacles in this regard, “he said.


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