2021 February
 Culture and Language

The predominant language spoken in Tabriz is Azerbaijani Turkish (Azerbaijani people call it Türkü or Türki language), which is a Turkic language mutually intelligible with modern Turkish dialects. Similar to the other parts of Iran, the official language is Persian and the most inhabitants are professional users of Persian language, which is the official language of Iran and the language of education. Other than Azerbaijani, there is a notable minority of Armenian speakers .

After being crowned at Tabriz in 1501, Shah Ismail Safavi announced the Ithna Ashari branch of Shia Islam the only accepted sect in Iran and of course Tabriz. Currently, the majority of people are followers of Shia Islam. The city has a visible Armenian minority who follow Christianity.

Tabriz is a house for numerous Iranian writers, poets, and illumination movements. In old times the city notables, supported poets and writers by organizing periodical meetings. Within its long history it was a residence for many well-known Iranian writers and poets. The list can start from the old time Rumi, Qatran, Khaqani to recent years Samad Behrangi, Gholam-Hossein Sa'edi, Parvin E'tesami. The prominent Iranian Azeri poet Mohammad-Hossein Shahriar was born in Tabriz.

Following samples of verses from some of Iran's best poets and authors, Tabriz also has a special place in Persian literature.

"Tabriz style" painting was shaped in the era of Ilkhanids, Kara Koyunlu and the Safavids. The paintings date back to the early 14th century and show significant influence from Chinese and Chinese-influenced pictures. Over years Tabriz became the center of the famous school of Persian miniature painting. A fascinating fictional account of "Tabriz style" painting in the Safavid era is narrated by OrhanPamuk in My Name Is Red.

In Iran, Tabriz is known as the city of "The Firsts" because many of inventions and innovations were used in Tabriz for the first time in Iran. The first printing house, library, cinema, preschool, school, the deaf and dumb school, modern coin, bill, chamber of commerce, municipality, telephone, power plant, fire department, ... was made in Tabriz and Tabriz university is the second oldest university in Iran after Tehran University.