2021 February
 Literary Museum of Shahriyar

Literary Museum of Shahriyar

Location: Maqsodiyeh Street, behind Tabriz city Hall

Historical period: 1907

The house of Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Behjat –e- Tabrizi (famously known as Shahriyar), the reputed contemporary Iranian poet, was bought by Tabriz municipality and was named as "the literary Museum of Shahriyar". In this museum, the collection of Shahriyar's artistic works, handwritings, personal belongings, and gifts given by national and foreign dignitaries are exhibited.

The most prominent work of Master Shahriyar is his precious Persian & Turkish Divan(poetry), the most important part of which is a long verse named "Heiradbabaya Salam" translated to over 70 live languages throughout the world.