2021 February
 Alavi House (Pottery Museum)

Alavi House (Pottery Museum)

Historical period: Qajar era

Location: Sarraflar Alley, Gerow neighborhood, Shams Tabrizi street

Pottery Museum or Alavi House is the identity evidence of handicrafts and visual arts of Tabriz with the focus on pottery of Qajar era.

The main façade of the building has a portico erected on two firm columns with a glorious pediment in the center. The pediment decorated with beautiful stucco-works is a great representation of eminent thoughts of architects belonging to that era.

In the museum, some valuable works of two potters Ahmad and Abbas Ghabchi (who lived in Sorkhab district of Tabriz 65 years ago) are exhibited.

In present time, Pottery is taught practically in this museum. In addition, it is a site to exhibit contemporary potters of Tabriz.

Alavi house has been registered in the list of Iran’s national relics.