2021 February
 Magbarato-sh Sho’ara( Mausoleum of poets)

Magbarato-sh Sho’ara( Mausoleum of poets)

Historical period: Pahlavi- Islamic Republic

Location: the eastern wing of Seyyed Hamzeh Mausoleum, Segat-ol Eslam Street

The cemetery of mystics and poets, located in Sorkhab district, has always been under attention of historians.

The oldest Persian memento about poets that has mentioned this graveyard is Nozhat-ol Qolob, written by Hamd-Ollah Mostafawi in 740 AH.

The mausoleum is the last resting place of over 400 famous poets, mystics, scholars such as As’adi Tosi, Qatran Tabrizi, Mojir-eddin Bilqani, Khagani Shervani, Zahir-eddin Faryabi, Shapur Neishabouri, Homam Tabrizi , Mani Shirazi, Shakibi Tabrizi and  finally Seyyed Mohammad hossein Behjat Tabrizi known as Shahriyar. Memorial structure of Maqbarato-sh Sho’ara with its unique Islamic Iranian architecture designed by Gholamreza Frozanfar is the result of designing competition of 1971. It is as one of Tabriz and Iran’s symbols, built on Iran’s famous poets’ and mystic graveyard.

Maqbaratto-sh Sho’ara has been registered in the list of Iran’s national relics .