2021 February
 Academic complex of Rab-e- Rashidi

Academic complex of Rab-e- Rashidi

Historical period: Il-Khanid_ Safavid

Location: northeast of Tabriz

Academic complex of Rab-e-Rashidi was a center of science and industry of the world once in the past. Founded by Khaje Rashid-od Hamadani in the suburb of Tabriz after the earthquake of 671 AH, it was the center of research and exchange of science & art. The complex had a large library with over 60000 valuable books. Rashid-od Din invited scientists from all over the world to teach various fields such as medical science

The complex had 24 vast inns, 1500 shops, 30000 houses, some public bathrooms, and numerous gardens, a lot of textile, paper, coin and paint plants.

Rab-e_Rashidi complex has been inscribed in the list of Iran’s relics.