2021 February
 Tabriz Municipality 1

As it is known, Tabriz is the city of "The Firsts" because many of inventions and innovations were introduced and utilized n Tabriz for the first time in Iran. As a vivid example of the claim, Tabriz municipality was established over 110 years ago (as the first municipality of the country). Some years later, Tabriz municipal central office was constructed under supervision of German engineers and based on a German style. This building was the host of many mayors until the new municipality building was built on a new site on Aboreihan Street.

Now, some parts of old city hall are decorated in function of museum called municipal museum or City museum of Tabriz. This museum is considered as the first museum of history in Iran’s municipalities. It was opened in 2007 coinciding with the 100th anniversary of establishment of the municipality in Tabriz


Based on the urban policies the mayor is one of the prominent figures elected by the city council and the city council is periodically elected by the city's residents demonstrates the term of strong democracy. From the establishment of the Tabriz municipality 71 mayors have been in the mayor’s position.