2021 February
 Iron Age museum

Iron Age museum

Location: in the vicinity of  Kabud Mosque

Historical Period: Iron Age Era

Located on the north, northwest and northeast of the Blue Mosque, the site of Iron Age museum of Tabriz dates back to Iron ages 2 and 3, 1st millennium BC. The site consists of a cemetery, potteries related to Iron age, some skeletons, jewelries, objects and...

The place was discovered through the archeological excavations of the Blue Mosque in 1997. Due to some pre-historical remains, residence history of the place is thought to be 1500 B.C in gray clay civilization. These findings prove that Tabriz has a rich residence history as old as at least 4500 years. Today, the site named as Iron Age museum, is visited by all people interested in the history & civilization of Iran and the globe.