2021 February
 Azerbaijan Museum

Azerbaijan Museum

Historical period: Pahlavi II

Location: next to Blue Mosque

Azerbaijan Museum is Iran’s second rich museum after national museum. This three-floor museum with a vast porch and a mansion was erected  in 2400 square meters area in 1957, based on a plan designed by a French archeologist named Andre’ Godard.

Having over 11000 valuable ancient objects such as the statue of goddess (belonging to 1000 B.C), ancient Raytheons, 7000-year-old clays, historical petro glyphs, coins of Achaemenid era, human statues, Besmel-lah stone, women and men corps(the remains of 4000-year-old cemetery) and…

Azerbaijan Museum is representative of Iran’s history and civilization in Tabriz.

Azerbaijan Museum has been inscribed list of Iran’s.