2021 February
 The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Historical period: Qraqoyunlu

Location: Imam Khomeini Street

Kabud or Jahanshah Mosque (Goy masjid: Azerbaijani), is one of the oldest historical mosques of Iran with Azerbaijani architecture. According to the epigraphic studies, it was erected in 870 AH, ruling years of JahanshahQraquyunl, upon his daughter’s (SaleheKhanon) order. The color combination and artistic works of that era are so unique and delicate that one finds himself again on excellent natural scene.

Due to diversity tile-work masterpieces, particularly azure color of diaphoretic tiles, the structure has been named as “the turquoise Of Islam”.

This building is a mosque- mausoleum that embraces tombs of Jahanshah family on the south of the mosque‘s big dome.

The kabud Mosque has been registered as No. 169 in the list of the Iran’s national relics due to its history and unique architecture.