2021 February
 Friday mosque of Tabriz

Friday mosque of Tabriz
Historical period: Seljuk

Location: the historical bazaar of Tabriz

Friday mosque or jaa'me mosque also mentioned as "the great mosque" in the history books and in the endowment letter of 1087 AH belonging to Talebi'ye school, is one of the biggest and historical mosques of Tabriz. Its history dates back to Seljuk era. Furthermore, it has always been the Friday mosque of the city in all eras, boosting the religious identity of the city.

The Friday mosque of Tabriz, the city of light and minaret, has always been respected by dynasties, i.e. its high stucco-worked altar is reminiscence of Illkhanan era and its mosaic tile-worked dome is related to Aqqoyunlu dynasty. A vast hall, firm domes on brick octagon columns and artistic stucco-works are some of features of this religious structure.

The Friday mosque of Tabriz, sometimes considered as one of mosques of early Islam, was registered as number 171 in the list of Iran's national relics in 1931 due to its historical- religious importance.