2021 February
 Seyyed Hamzeh Mausoleum

Seyyed Hamzeh Mausoleum

Historical Period: Safavid Era

Location: Seqat-ol –Islam Street, next to Maqbarat-ol- Sho'ara

One of the mostly-notified holy mausoleums of Tabriz is the tomb of Abu-ol-Hassan Hamzeh-ebn-Hassan-ebn-Mohammad, famously known as Seyyed Hamzeh, who was a grandson of Imam mosa-ebn-Jafar (AS).

Beautiful mirror-works, marble carvings belonging to Qajar era and relatively vast apron with seminaries in its 3 sides are some particular characteristics of this monument built in 714 AH.

The mausoleum has always been respected in all historical periods from Ilkhanid, Turkmen, Safavid to Pahlavi , and each of these dynasties has add some parts to the structure.

There are an anteroom, a vestibule, a little mosque-like room and a vault embracing Seyyed Hamzeh's grave.