2021 February
 Saheb-olAmr Mosque (Shah Tahmaseb mosque)

Saheb-olAmr Mosque (Shah Tahmaseb mosque)

Historical period: Safavid era

Location: interaction of old and new Darayee

Saheb-olAmr Mosque one of historical mosques of Tabriz as a symbol of religion beliefs of ancestors of Tabriz, it has given a religious identity to the complex of Shah Hassan. This glorious and firm structure is the first royal mosque of Safavid King Tahmasb I built in 984 AH.

The mosque has a unique dome and two minarets. In entrance of corridor, there are two marble arches related to Safavid era. Next to alter, there is a Balkhi marble (as large as some cubits) which is unique in its type.

In the middle of Mosque, there is a netted wooden box with no grave under, which is why this building is considered a mosque not a mausoleum.

In the present time, the mosque is used as Qoran and calligraphy museum which has added to historical and religious identity of Shah Hassan complex.

Saheb-olAmr mosque has been registered as No. 41 96 in the list of Iran’s national relics in 2001 .