2021 February
 El Guli(Shah Guli)

El Guli(Shah Guli)

Historical period: Aquyunlu_ Sfavid_Qajar

Location: Southeast of Tabriz

El Guli is one of the most beautiful parks of Iran, located in southeast of Tabriz. Neither construction date nor founder is certain, but some evidences attributable to Safavid and Aquyunlu eras have been found there.

The El Guli pool with 317 by 200 meter area (5.5 Hectar) is 6 to 12 meters deep ad keep 720000 cubic meters water. Due to its vast area it used to be called ShahGuli(large pool) which is now called Elguli(people’s pool). There is a peninsula-like path with a central edifice which was previously a pavilion. Unfortunately it was collapsed by moisture in 1967. The building was rebuilt in two floors in the form of a pavilion similar to previous form in 1970.

A lot of trees surrounding the pool not only boast the beauty of the park but also produce pleasant weather.

Elguli has been inscribed in the list of Iran’s national properties.