Tabriz, the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018

Undoubtedly, tourism is one of the most attractive and profitable industries of the world, contributing to the development and prosperity of the countries. The Eco-friendly essence of Tourism as well as its enormous revenue-making potentials has made all cities welcome it and strive to take the most advantages of this powerful industry by boasting their tourist capabilities and presenting all beautiful attractions of their regions to the world.

In this regard, Tabriz has always starred in the sky of Iranian tourism throughput the history. Obviously, the selection of Tabriz as "the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018" by OIC (organization of Islamic cooperation) is a vivid reason to prove the claim.

The Municipal administration of Tabriz Metropolis, as the leading power of city's dynamic progress, is to take all necessary strides to introduce the city to the world as a cosmopolitan city.

May Tabriz 2018 be a starting point of a promising route , leading Tabriz and its citizens to their  ideal goals and introducing the magnificent name of the city to all nations.