2021 February
Date : 2018 Wednesday 26 Dec     |     Code : 321

Tabriz mayor meets Japanese professors

In the meeting with the prominent professors of Japan, Dr. Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz, emphasizing the risk reduction of the earthquake, said: "The use of seismic isolation system in Tabriz urban structures is a necessity, and it is possible to use the academic experiences of the academic faculties of Japan in this regard."
Later in his remarks, the mayor touched on the gravity of equipping residential complexes of Northern side of Tabriz with the seismic isolation system and added that Tabriz authorities aim at transferring this technology as soon as possible.
He further stated that the northern fault of Tabriz is considered as one of the most dangerous ones. Hence, we intend to use this knowledge for the first time in Tabriz.
 “Inking the memorandum of cooperation among the municipality of Tabriz, the universities of Japan and Shahid Madani University of Tabriz, the acceptance of risk in the earthquake and the costs of constructing and retrofitting buildings can be reduced”, the mayor reiterated.
It’s worth notifying that members of the Islamic Council of Tabriz, number of professors from Kyoto, Kanazawa, Koku kita and the Japanese National Institute of Technology attended in this meeting.


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