2021 February
Date : 2018 Wednesday 26 Dec     |     Code : 322

The first UNESCO base will be opened in Tabriz

Dr. Ahmad Jalali, Iranian permanent Ambassador to UNESCO and Dr. Hojatollah Ayoubi, Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission for Iran met Dr. Shahin Baher, the mayor of Tabriz. In this meeting, Dr. Jalali underscored that Tabriz has a special place for all those seeking history and culture.
Considering that Tabriz stance in the classical literature owes to Shams Tabrizi, Dr. Jalali noted that Tabriz has always been the cradle of development in all respects from literature to politics.
He further reiterated that UNESCO is going to establish the office of the Shams Foundation and the UNESCO Provincial Base in Tabriz.
During the meeting, the mayor of Tabriz expressed his readiness to cooperate in realizing these goals in Tabriz.

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