2021 February
Date : 2019 Thursday 17 Jan     |     Code : 324

Urbanism and architecture deputy mayor of Tabriz municipality meets UNICEF representative in Iran

On the sidelines of national conference of “Child-Friendly City”, held in Isfahan on 16-17 Jan, Mohammada Ezzati, deputy mayor of urbanism and architecture of Tabriz municipality met Dr. Will Parks, Representative for the United Nations Children's Fund in Iran (UNICEF).
During the meeting, Ezzati reiterated the position as well as social and spatial potentials of Tabriz in Iran and the world, while asking for sharing UNICEF global experiences in the scope of urbanization, particularly in the Child-Friendly Cities.
Emphasizing on the gravity of plan of “Child-Friendly City” for growing children’s initiatives, he stated that the aim of such plans is to maximize the creativity of the children with the cooperation of the municipalities and the other organizations such as state well fare and…
 Will Parks, on his part, cited the words of Imam Ali (A.S) who said that “Treat children with a kind of feelings of respect and personality.”
He added “While that other stakeholders, including civil society organizations, the private sector, universities, the media and, of course, children themselves, play an important role in promoting cities to a child-friendly environment;  the most important feature of a child friendly city is to respond to the urban needs of children and make children and young people as main part of the work has been done on their solutions and ideas because children will have a strong role in the decisions of the cities. So we should trust them.”

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