2022 May
Date : 2017 Wednesday 01 Mar     |     Code : 38

Tabriz and Dresden boost mutual tourism and investment cooperation

In a meeting with the mayor of Dresden, Dr. Najafi, the mayor of Tabriz, emphasized on establishment of effective and bilateral relations between Tabriz and Dresden.

Dr. Najafi stated that the presence of East Azerbaijan Province highest delegation in Germany shows the serious intention of Tabriz to develop municipal interactions of Iran and Germany.

He pointed out “Tabriz 2018” is a mutual opportunity for Tabriz and all friend cities. Hence, investment cooperation in the fields of civil, construction and housing may meet both sides’ benefits.

Inviting the mayor of Dresden to Tabriz, Dr. Najafi referred to the background of German industries in Tabriz and stressed that signing of the sisterhood contract between Tabriz and Dresden could strengthen two cities social and cultural ties.

Holding cultural weeks, creating joint Bazaars, sport events and industrial exhibitions can enhance the mutual relationship, Dr. Najafi declared.

In this meeting, DrikHilbert, the mayor of Dresden, pointed out that the presence of East Azerbaijan delegation has created the new conditions to communicate with Tabriz due to its cultural privileged position in Iran and Asia.

He added that Dresden as a capital of Saxony state in Germany with 600 thousands inhabitants and one of the most important cultural, academic, industrial and political centers of Europe welcomes the development of relations with Tabriz. At last, he highlighted their strong determination to pursue the communications required to a trip to Tabriz.

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